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Thank you for your confidence in the Pump  Pocket  Shirt and that you want to place an order with us. To ensure that you do not spend much time reading general terms and conditions, we have set our conditions clearly and readable. Do you have questions about our conditions? Let us know, use the contact form on the website.
This English version is the only legally valid version that we accept. Translations are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. If in doubt, this version is to follow.

1 We and you

In these terms and conditions, we like to write in an informal form to stay personal and close to you. We believe in transparent, transparent and honest communication. When we write about ‘you’, or ‘yours’, we mean you as the buyer of our Pump  Pocket  Shirt. That can be through this website, our app or a visit to one of our other sites. The buyer can be a person or a company. If you, the buyer are a company read section 4.2 carefully. When we write about ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’, we mean TeCuro LTD., owner of this website Pump  Pocket  Shirt
The company behind this site is TeCuro LTD. Registered office address located at

  • 64A Cumberland street
  • Edinburgh, EH3 6RE
  • United Kingdom

TeCuro LTD. is registered with the Company House under number CS540243 and is the manufacturer of the brands Pump  Pocket  Shirt and Dutch Design Duodopa Vest.
TeCuro LTD. is the rightful owner of the registered brand name Dutch Design Duodopa Vest®, Pump  Pocket  Shirt and the registered community designs; DDDV-2017-D and DDDV-2017-H.

2 The validity of these conditions

Because you use our services or because you visit our website, these conditions apply to you. If you place an order with us, you explicitly state that you agree with these conditions. We work in all cases by these conditions and only deviate from this if expressly agreed in writing or by e-mail. Terms and conditions of yours, that you may want to apply are rejected and not applicable. We expressly deny the validity of your terms and conditions. If in doubt, these Terms and Conditions in the English language will be followed by us and exceeds other translated versions on the site, we do our best to keep translations as accurate as possible. When in doubt, follow these.

3 An order

In these conditions, we talk about an order. What we mean by this is, you select a model on the site from our collection of Pump  Pocket  Shirt items, choose it in your size during the ordering process and proceed to the checkout page. Before we can accept the order via our website, you will first read these terms and conditions and confirm that you have read them, that you understand what was written and that you accept these terms and conditions as part of your order. Your order and these general terms and conditions go hand in hand.

4.1 Buying Pump  Pocket  Shirt

You can buy a Pump  Pocket  Shirt from us with various online payment methods. After the payment, your order will be processed. Usually, the processing of your order is the same day or the next working day. The purchase of a Pump  Pocket  Shirt by you for personal use is always under warranty, you receive the product, and you think, “Ooo no, this is not what I expected”, you can return it, but only if it comes back in the original packaging and has not been worn. The Pump  Pocket  Shirt is a product that people wear as underwear, which is why we do not accept used or worn goods for return. Nobody likes funny smells on a new product.

So if you receive the vest, a few tips if you, the buyer is a person;

  1. Open the packaging calmly, do not destroy it unnecessarily.
  2. Take the Pump  Pocket  Shirt out of the plastic bag; the strip is re-closable so be careful.
  3. If you have removed the vest from the packaging, see if it fits. Hold the Pump  Pocket  Shirt in front of your own body, usually, you see if something fits or not from personal experience.
  4. If you think it does not fit, please contact us via the contact form on the website and request a return form.
  5. When purchasing the Pump  Pocket  Shirt, you have the option to cancel the order without giving any reason within 14 days. This reflection period commences on the day following delivery of the Pump  Pocket  Shirt. During the reflection period, we ask you to carefully handle the Pump  Pocket  Shirt and the packaging. If you want to cancel the order after delivery, please contact us via the contact form on the website and request a return form. As mentioned before, we do not accept items that have been worn. Nobody likes body smells om a new product.
  6. After receiving your returned Pump  Pocket  Shirt, we will check if it meets our return policy. If it does, we will refund the amount of the purchase within seven days via the same payment method that you have used during your ordering process. On the returned amount we might need bring into minus any return costs and possibly a reduction of the Pump  Pocket  Shirt value if the product was altered in any way. We will first communicate this in advance with you so that you are aware of what will happen before we proceed to reimbursement.
  7. The return costs are for your account in most cases.
  8. Returning is only possible after receipt of approval by us.
  9. Returned products are only accepted in the same state as we send them to you.

4.2 Are you a company

Is the buyer is a company there are some different rules.

  1. If you buy the Pump  Pocket  Shirt for yourself through your company, no problem, the above rules apply to you, see 4.1.
  2. If you buy the Pump  Pocket  Shirt with the aim of selling or providing the Pump  Pocket  Shirt among your patients or other people in general, please contact us via the contact form in the website and ask for the Terms and Conditions of Sale B2B before you place an order.
  3. If you want to buy it as a company as mentioned under 4.1 subsection 3, then you first have to approve the product.
  4. You will have to order six pieces, 3x ladies (size 38-44-46) and 3x men (size 48-54-56) in different sizes, try them out and approved them.
  5. We will make the Terms and Conditions of Sale B2B between the two of us, signed and you are ready to order.
  6. When we have received a signed Terms and Conditions of Sale B2B from you, you will be able to place an order for large-scale purchases.
  7. You will not be able to return the bought products after you received them, you approved them before you were able to place an order.
  8. In the signed Terms and Conditions of Sale B2B agreement, all yours and our obligations are listed.

4.3 Processing order

By processing we mean, we receive your order through digital channels; all is online, so no worries, we print your order in the same way you submitted it online, including the shipping labels. We check the order to see if everything is clear, collect your model in the size you selected from the warehouse. The order is packaged, the shipping label on top and placed in the outbox, ready for shipment. Before the end of the day, all orders are picked up by the parcel service. Typically, takes two days but it may take longer, due to the business, illness of staff, holidays, weekend or holiday period, to name a few examples. If the package is picked up by the parcel service, it will take 1 to 5 days before you have the Pump  Pocket  Shirt. Depends on the package carrier and the distance your order will have to travel before it is delivered to your home. The storage is within the Netherlands so it can be fast, 24 hours, to the neighbours in Belgium or Germany takes a bit longer, and if it needs to go the United Kingdom it needs to cross the channel, can be five days extra. The rest of Europe also requires time, about seven days.

4.4 Copyright

If you purchase a Pump  Pocket  Shirt for copying, developing a derivative model, or any form that is in violation of our copyright, we reserve the right to take you to court. We will start by informing you of your mistake and violation of our rights and will take action. That can be through a mediator or the courtroom, whichever form we choose, let us be clear; If you take off with our work, we will come and get it back with penalties.

5.1 Return policy

Returning an order is only possible if you have received an approved return confirmation form.

  1. The return costs are for your account.
  2. Worn items will never be accepted as a valid return.
  3. Depending on the situation, the return cost may be refunded, we decided at per request and reason.
  4. Return policy for a company is set out in the Terms and Conditions of Sale B2B agreement.

5.2 Exchange Size

Exchanging a Pump  Pocket  Shirt for a different size falls under the return of an order, return policy, see point 4.1 and 5.1.

  1. You can return it but only if it comes back in its original packaging and has not been worn.
  2. We exchange it for you in the correct size when in stock.
  3. The cost of returning for an exchange in another size is for your account, in other words, we pay for it.
  4. Sending the new size is free of charge, in other words, we pay for it.

6 Pre-orders also know as Groupon Deals

Through the website we give the possibility to place a pre-order, what we do is following;

  1. You will place an order for the Groupon Deal Pump  Pocket  Shirt.
  2. We will run the production of the Pump  Pocket  Shirt.
  3. With advance orders we know which sizes we have to produce and we are sure of the sale of the products. Because this saves us money, we give this back in the form of a discount on the purchase price of the Pump  Pocket  Shirt.
  4. The pre-order is binding, we produce these pre-orders and need certainty that the customer will accept the order.
  5. If you want to take part in pre-order or Groupon Deal, you can only do this if you are already familiar with the Pump  Pocket  Shirt and know your size. The reason is that we do not accept returns on pre-orders.
  6. If we have received our goal of 150 pieces, we will send an email with the start date of the production and again a confirmation link of your order. The email confirmation link gives you one more opportunity to reconsider if you want you can cancel, you can do so. We refund the deposit amount minus 25%.
  7. The pre-order or Groupon Deal is including free shipping within the Benelux and England. For other countries reduced rate applies.

7.1 Complaints procedure

We assume that you will be satisfied with the Pump  Pocket  Shirt but understand that sometimes things can go differently. If you have a complaint, a question, an objection or otherwise, use the contact form and submit it to us. We will contact you within three days and a maximum of 14 days and see how we can come to a solution that satisfies both of us.

7.2 Conflict mediation

Conflict mediation is an intervention of a mediator to bring two or more persons, parties or groups who have a dispute in dialogue with each other to find a solution. The mediator is active and at the content level of the parties, examines where the interests are, where they collide and where the pain is, and then comes up with a solution or proposal against which parties can say yes or no. If this does not work out and we would go on the way to the court the following points apply;

  1. These terms and conditions, which are agreements between you and us, confirmed by both of us upon accepting and placing an order, only Scottish law applies, even if the consumer lives abroad.
  2. The Vienna Sales Convention does not apply.

If you have questions, please write to us.
Team - Pomp Pocket Shirt