Medication Vest for Men

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  • has 3 large buttonholes for easy access to make the connection of the medicine cassette with the PEG-J probe,
  • center zipper in the front for easy access and pull-over
  • is provided with 2 pump bags with transparent window, one left and one right so that it is suitable for left- and right-handed patients.
  • invisible under the outerwear.
  • infusion pump stays in place , even during physiotherapy and sports activities.
  • available in the sizes 44 | 46 | 48 | 50 | 52 | 54 | 56 | 58 | 60

Al Patients who want more freedom of movement with their portable infusion pump will benefit from the Pump  Pocket  Shirt.

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Dutch Design Duodopa Vest® – Medication Vest for Men

The DDDV-2017-H-###

The DDDV-2017-H-### can be used with Cadd legacy ® portable infusion pumps such as, Cadd legacy 1, Cadd legacy Plus, Cadd legacy PCA, Duodopa pump and a 100 ML cassette. Some patients use it with other pumps like Apomorfine pomp en de Bodyguard 323. It is designed for patients who use an ambulatory infusion pump to administer their medication, has specially developed pockets in which an infusion pump can be placed to ensure that it stays tight against the body.


Dutch Design Duodopa Vest

The Dutch Design Duodopa Vest® is designed to house a Cadd legacy ® portable infusion pumps such as, Cadd legacy 1, Cadd legacy Plus, Cadd legacy PCA, Duodopa pump. Intended for single-patient use only, to be worn like underwear that holds the pump close to the body.

Fabric and Care instructions

Active Wear

  • Outstanding moisture management.
  • Breathable and fast absorbing
  • Quick drying
  • No-see through options

The fabric is a stretch with different tension to ensure a perfect fit.
Main fabric: 28% Po, 56% Ny, 16% EL
Contrast fabric: 37% Po, 44% Ny, 19% EL
Transparent window: PVC SUPER CLEAR 0,20 PHR

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DDDV Front closed

Completely unzip the top of the pump bag with the transparent window part. Close the band with Velcro stripes at the front of the DDDV to ensure that the Velcro hooks do not damage the fabric.The DDDV is machine washable up to 40 degrees BUT WITHOUT the transparent pump pocket TOP. Wash the transparent pump bag TOP separately in cold water. Hand wash Lay the DDDV and the transparent pump pocket TOP’s flat to dry.Dry flat The DDDV and the transparent pump pocket TOP’s cannot be put in the dryer.No tuble dry

Men Size Table

Size Chest Waist Hips
44 86-90 76-80 88-92
46 90-94 80-84 92-96
48 94-98 84-88 96-100
50 98-102 88-92 100-104
52 102-106 92-96 108-112
54 106-110 96-100 112-116
56 110-114 100-104 116-120
58 114-118 108-112 120-124
60 118-122 112-116 124-128

If you have questions, please write to us.
Team - Pomp Pocket Shirt    


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